When Auto-Pause is enabled, Strava will automatically pause when you are resting during your activity. Auto-Pause alleviates the need to manually pause your activity each time you stop.

In order to enable Auto-Pause:

  • Navigate to the record screen using the circular record button (center of the bottom toolbar)
  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Tap on 'Auto-Pause'
    • From here, you can set Audio-Pause to off, for run only, or for rides only.  

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Auto-Pause for cycling uses GPS movement to automatically detect when you are at rest. Once you begin moving again, Auto-Pause will turn off. Because this feature is GPS-based, it's important to note that if you are taking a break to go indoors or someplace where GPS line of sight is obscured, you should use the manual pause feature to prevent any miscalculations. Cycling Auto-Pause will be on by default but can be turned off in your settings page. 


This is a motion-based (accelerometer) Auto-Pause which uses your running movement to automatically detect when you are at rest. Users will hear audio announcements for Auto-Pause events if they have split announcements on or live segment audio enabled. 

Auto-Pause Off: 

If you choose to turn Auto-Pause off, Strava will calculate your moving and resting time during the upload process instead of during the activity. 

For Runs with auto-pause disabled:

We will do server-side resting time calculations (per above)unless there are manual pause events. If there are manual pause events, we assume that you want to control the time and will calculate moving time with respect to timer time instead. 

Keep in mind that if you manually pause the app, you must manually resume the app before continuing your activity, even if you have auto-pause enabled. 

For more information about Auto-Pause, please refer to this article.

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  • Since I have issues with auto-pause as it calculates moving when I make breaks, what is the best thing to use?

    1. Use auto-pause and stop the app manually when I make longer breaks
    2. Turn off auto-pause and stop the app manually when I make breaks
    3. Turn off auto-pause and don't pause the app at all


  • How do you turn off auto pause, I can't find it in settings. I've used this app for years and I'm on the verge of just finding another one.
    Auto pause is broken

  • Maybe you use a Samsung S7 as mobile device?. It seems the autopause function doesn't work on S7 sadly;-((

  • I use auto pause now but I loose 1.5 average speed compared to people I ride with. How do I set STRAVA to pause at say 13mph rather than at 0 speed ?
    Love the system.

  • I have a similar query to Mr King above. on mine it seems to take about 10s to auto-pause. Can this be shortened?
    Thanks :)

  • when i start my strava it takes 10 seconds to auto pause which is fine but for the last few rides when i get home after 1.5 hours or more of riding and go to save my ride it is still in auto pause so i have lost my ride completely which after you have done some good climbs and descents this ir really annoying please do you have any ideas of why
    Phone is Samsung S6 edge which is 18 month old and has been running strava since i got it perfectly ok till now

  • I have the same question as Mr. King and Mr. Furse. I am using a Garmin Edge 1000 and I upload my rides to Strava from the Edge. My average speed on the device is frequently a half mile an hour faster on the device than it is on Strava. I have my Edge 1000 set to auto pause at 5mph.

  • My auto pause can be seen to log 0 mph during a 25 minute coffee stop when examining the analysis for speed and est power - but this is not taken into account for ave speed by the end of the ride and upload... (Android HTC mini)

  • I see a similar issue - i use Apple Watch to track and it auto pauses the minute i stop - my partner tracks on her Galaxy S6 and it basically does not auto pause at all... It tracked the entire time from the car park, around a trail and back to the car leaving her with an average of 4mph...she is a little slower than me but not that slow!!! Looking at the other commenrs there is clearly an issue here Strava - please investigate.

  • We've listed some troubleshooting steps here. Please give them a read through,

  • Thanks @Elle. I did see that before but unfortunately it didn’t help ☹️

  • Auto pause for cycling sucks. You will always end up in getting a lower average. Not at all usable to track your progress if you are relaying on average speed from strava. It wont consider situations like taking phone in pocket and walking to a restaurant. It still runs when having coffee in a building with poor GPS signal . There should be a configurable option for cycling to auto pause when speed is less than X KM/H (say 8).

  • Strava not recording when set, or only recording say 4km in an 80km ride. Really annoying. I use an Android. This did not used to happen, only happens on new Strava set up, so there must be a problem with it. Why do IT people have to muck with things that work well to create stuff that is faulty? Its really annoying to put a good effort in to find only 5% of the ride is recorded, the time is faulty, or the recording didn't occur at all when you can see the timer starting after being set. Come on Strava, this is happening 50% for all rides, its not good enough!!@@!

  • Just adding to other comments on the short-comings of auto-pause for ride. I find that my average speed is generally 1-2 km less than what would be recorded using a Garmin or other device., depending on the number of stops during a ride. Generally-speaking, Strava for ride is OK for segments, where stops are unlikely, but not useful for overall ride stats.

  • So I intend to turn auto pause off on my Huewei Nexus 6p as when it doesn't work it is infuriating. However, right now there sits a 30 min commute that should have at least captured my HR (which is what I want anyway) and the elapsed time. Presumably due to auto-pause the app thinks I still haven't started moving.

    All I would need is the ability to save that ride for the data it did or could capture. This would make a completely pointless use of your app into an %80 useful outing.

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