Motorola 360 Sport Strava Integration

The Sport version of the Motorola is able to record GPS and Heart Rate data without extra carrying your phone or using a chest strap heart rate monitor.

Setting up your Watch

If your watch is already paired with your phone and Android Wear app, skip to Enabling heart rate and GPS sensors.

    1. Pairing your Watch
      1. Download Android Wear App
      2. Pair your watch to your phone
      3. Let updates finish
      4. Enable Phone notifications
    2. Enable Heart Rate and GPS sensors. You will need to enable the settings in the watch app and the phone app in order to record in standalone mode.
      1. On phone - Strava App > Settings > Wear > Use device GPS
      2. On watch - Settings > Permissions > Enable Location
      3. On watch - Settings > Permissions > Enable Sensor (for HR data) 
      4. You should see a GPS pin on the start screen (on the watch) to confirm that you are using the watch's GPS.

Recording Activities

    • Press the play button to start a recording.
    • During a recording, you can swipe to view your instantaneous heart rate. Other statistics that can be viewed by swiping left to right during the recording are distance, speed, and elapsed time.

The settings screen gear icon, which can be reached by swiping all the way to the right from anywhere in the app, will allow you to set your Preferred activity type and enable and disable Auto Pause for runs and rides.



Does this work for non-Sport Moto 360 watches?

It does not.

Can I see other sensor data on the watch during my activity? 

Currently, chest strap HR monitors cannot send data to the watch to be viewed during the recording. Other sensors such as cadence and power are not able to be viewed on the watch at this time. 

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