Syncing Strava Routes to Your Polar Device

Automatically sync the Strava Routes you've created or starred to your Polar device with a Strava subscription. 

Compatible Devices

    • Grit X
    • Grit X Pro
    • Grit X2 Pro
    • Pacer Pro
    • Vantage V
    • Vantage V2
    • Vantage V3
    • V650
    • V800

Syncing Strava Routes to Polar Devices

You can sync up to 100 starred Strava routes to your Polar watch from the Polar Flow app or website. You'll first need to connect your Polar and Strava accounts using these instructions.

From the Polar Flow app

    1. Open the Devices page. Scroll down and tap Add/remove to view your list of routes. 
    2. To remove a route from the watch, toggle the switch to the left. To add a route, toggle the switch to the right (the toggle will be highlighted green.)
    3. You can reorder the routes on the watch by tapping and holding (iOS) / (Android) on the right and dragging the routes where you want them.
    4. Sync your watch with the app to save your changes.

From the Polar Flow website

If you're using a Grit X2 Pro or Vantage V3 you must sync the routes to your watch using the Polar Flow app. Routes cannot be synced to your watch using the Polar FlowSync software on your computer.

    1. Access route settings by clicking the Favorites icon at the top of the page.
    2. Click the selection boxes on the left of the routes you wish to add to your sync list. If you don't see a route you recently created or starred you can update the routes list by clicking the Refresh button.
    3. You can change the order of the routes on the watch by dragging and dropping them. You can remove individual routes by clicking X or remove all routes at once by clicking CLEAR. Please note that they remain available in your favorites even if you remove them from your watch.
    4. Sync your watch to save your changes.

Following a Route on Your Polar Device

    1. Tap the Menu/back button on your watch and select Start training.
    2. Before starting your activity, push the LIGHT button or tap to enter the quick menu and scroll down to Routes.
    3. Select the route you want to follow and hit start. 
    4. Choose where you want to start the route: Start point, Mid-route, End point to reverse direction or Mid-route to reverse direction. You may be prompted to calibrate the watch compass at this time. 
    5. You can select the sport type before or after selecting a route. Once you have selected your route and sport type you can begin your training as normal. 
      1. Your watch will guide you to the route. Route start found is displayed when you reach it, and then you're ready to go.

Removing a Route

Routes can be removed by unstarring the route on Strava and refreshing your routes list on the Polar Flow mobile app/website. After the routes list updates, sync your watch to save the changes. You can also unstar routes on the Polar Flow website on your favorites page. Starring a route from here will only remove it from your watch after you sync your device and will not unstar the route on your Strava account.

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