Strava Beacon for Apple Watch

Beacon is available for subscribers on the Strava Apple Watch app on Series 2 and above. Beacon requires a cellular connection so if you have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, you can use Beacon without carrying your phone. If you have the Series 2, however, you will need to be carrying your phone to use Beacon with your Apple Watch app.

  • To set up Beacon on your Apple Watch, you must first follow the instructions above to choose your contacts from the Strava iPhone app.
  • Once you’ve done that, open the settings page in your Strava Apple Watch app and select Beacon.
  • Toggle ON the option to Use Beacon and Close the screen.
  • Beacon’s status on your settings page should now read Ready and a Beacon link will be sent to your safety contacts in a text message when you start recording provided that you are using an Apple Watch with a cellular connection or carrying a phone. Please be aware that the text will not be sent from your own phone number.
  • A shareable link will also become available on the Beacon settings page in the iPhone app once you’ve started your activity. You can copy this link and share it through any means you wish (email, WhatsApp, etc.)




Why aren't my Beacon texts being sent?

Please check that you have entered their full number including the country and area code starting with the + symbol. Please note that the + symbol is required for Beacon texts to be sent automatically from 3rd party devices.

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