NYRR Virtual Races

Strava has paired with New York Road Runners, the largest running organization in the country, to bring you Virtual Races, a series of challenges allowing you to participate in NYRR races from anywhere in the world.

What is a Virtual Race

A virtual race is a race event that can be completed at your convenience. Run the required distance any point during the given time window at a location of your choosing. A Virtual Race works similarly to Strava Challenges, with a few changes. Joining from the Strava Challenge page, you'll be prompted to become an NYRR member, sync your Strava account, register for races and upload your attempts to Strava. Instead of showing up to the actual event on race day, you'll be given a window to complete the given distance on your own terms, from any outdoor location. Complete the required races in the Virtual 6 Series to become eligible for guaranteed, non-complimentary entry into the 2020 Popular Brooklyn Half. 

What's in it for me?

  • Completion: NYRR requires completion of the race, holding you and all other runners accountable for completing the race.
  • Convenience: With the ability to complete the race anywhere, anytime (within the time window), you have the ability to run when you want to, and when you are feeling your best
  • Community: You can run the race with family and friends, and feel a part of the larger NYRR community even from afar.
  • Competition: The Strava Leaderboard allows you to compete with friends and runners across the world and challenge yourself to run your best.

How to Join

  • Log into your NYRR account or become an NYRR member by following the instructions here.
    • Or use the NYRR mobile app for iOS or Android to create an account and register for Virtual Races
  • Register for the race. You'll find eligible races in the Races and Registration section of your My NYRR account.
  • During registration, you'll be prompted to sync your Strava account to NYRR. Please note that registration for the race can only be completed once your My NYRR account has been linked to your Strava account.
  • Once you connect your account you will be redirected to the NYRR site where you will need to add the race back to your cart.
  • When you're done adding races to your cart you can check out.
  • After registration, a race receipt email and confirmation details email will be sent to you. Please read through those for more important information on the race.
  • Once you complete the registration on NYRR you will be automatically joined to the Strava Virtual Race page where you can track your own progress and engage with the larger community.
  • If you're new to Strava please check out the Getting Started Guides for mobile and web. This would also be a good time to familiarize yourself with the Strava app or, if you already have a dedicated GPS device, you can sync that account to Strava. Find out how to upload to Strava from your device.


Rules and requirements

  • Make sure your run activity is tagged as a race.
  • Manual entries, treadmill and indoor runs will not count towards your Challenge effort. 
  • Please ensure your activity visibility control is set to "Everyone". 
    • You can learn more about managing your activity's privacy controls here.
  • Following the close of the race window, you will have three days to upload your results.

What is the cost to join?

  • Entry fees will vary per race so please be sure to check out the Races and Registration section of your NYRR account for details. 
  • New York Road Runners is a non-profit organization, and the proceeds are used to support their free youth and community programs offered throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

What is the difference between Non-Series and Series virtual races?

You can sign up for an individual virtual race (a Non-Series race) or you can register for a race as part of the Virtual 6 Series which, upon completion, will automatically give you a non-complimentary entry into the coveted 2020 Popular Brooklyn Half.

How does the Virtual 6 Series work?

  • The Virtual 6 Series allows runners to complete six virtual NYRR races to be eligible for guaranteed, non-complimentary entry into the 2020 Popular Brooklyn Half.
  • Guaranteed, non-complimentary entry will be given to participants, so claim your spot early by registering to complete a race as part of the series.*
  • You must sign up for each Virtual Race at the Series level pricing to complete.
  • You must complete six Virtual Races in the calendar year to be eligible.
  • Completion of Virtual 6 Series Races does not count towards 9+1 or 4+6 credit.

What's different about these challenges from typical Strava Challenges?

We've made a few changes so if you've been on Strava awhile there are a few things that might look different.

  • We'll be using Best Efforts instead of elapsed time as your finish time for the leaderboard.
  • We'll also sort the leaderboard by pace, not distance
  • In order for your activity to count towards the challenge, you'll need to mark your run as a race.

Where on Strava can I find if my activity counted towards the race?

You will get a mobile push notification and web notification after you upload if the activity has qualified. When you tap on the notification, you will be taken to the Virtual Race detail page where you’ll see your finish time on the Strava Virtual Race Leaderboard. To find the Strava Virtual Race page on the iOS mobile app find the race in the Explore tab under Challenges. On web and Android, please use the Challenges tab.

Helpful tips

  • New to Strava? Check out our Getting Started Guides for mobile and web.
  • Already have a dedicated GPS device? Find out how to upload to Strava from yours.
  • Set up your device for success:
    • Record a test activity and get familiar with the recording and upload process (recording guides for iOS and Android).
    • Give your phone (or other GPS devices) time to acquire a solid GPS connection.
    • Close other apps before using Strava.
  • To ensure you meet the Challenge goal, we recommend you run a small amount over the required distance (about .5km / .3mi). GPS isn't perfect so this will help accommodate data inaccuracies.
  • Having trouble uploading? Here are some helpful tips to help troubleshoot for iOS and Android.
  • Make sure your run is marked as a race and your activity visibility control is set to "Everyone". 
    • You can learn more about managing your activity's privacy controls here.
  • Make sure to have both your Strava and NYRR accounts up to date with a valid email address so you can receive important information regarding race updates.

Who can I reach out to for questions?

  • For questions about registration, payment or results tracking on NYRR, reach out to mynyrr@nyrr.org.
  • For questions regarding recording/uploading with the Strava app, syncing 3rd party devices to your account, tagging your activity, best effort time, the Strava Leaderboard, and other Strava related questions, please proceed with submitting a Strava support ticket
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