How to Report Cheating on Strava

Remove inaccurate or false times from Segment Leaderboards: Flag an Activity.

In general, Strava is a community-moderated social network. This means that we rely on our community of athletes to monitor the integrity of our leaderboards. The first step of this process is to use the activity flag tool. Follow these steps from the Strava website to flag the activity and remove it from leaderboards. Please be aware that you cannot flag activities from the mobile app. When you flag an activity, a notification is sent to that athlete to inform them of the flag action. See our Segment Leaderboard Guidelines for more info.

  1. Find the segment time on the leaderboard and click through to view the Strava activity page you wish to flag. 
  2. Click on the three-dot icon on the left side of the page to select Flag.
  3. Select the correct reason for the flag and leave descriptive and thorough comments.
  4. When you're done, press the Flag button. All the public results will be removed from the Segment Leaderboards.

Report a Strava Athlete Profile: Contact Us

Suppose an athlete isn't correcting their behavior after the community flags their activities, and it's escalated to a point where they are abusing the system. In that case, we will need more evidence to investigate. Please submit a request at the bottom of this page and select the "Report or Flag data" option. Some examples of evidence you can provide are listed below, and the more evidence you can provide, the faster and better equipped we will be able to handle your request.

  • Links to activities that back up this claim.
  • Include specific details about that activity that points to cheating.
    • This can include all or some of the following: links to segments within the activity that are particularly troublesome, screenshots, zoom-in/highlighted portions of the analysis graph, comments on the activity indicating foul play, etc.
  • Links to and names of their Strava profile(s).
  • Dates of uploads.
  • A timeline of events.
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