Segment Leaderboard Guidelines

Each Strava Segment has a leaderboard that ranks all Strava athletes who match the GPS trace between the defined start and finish. Leaderboards are specific to a single activity type, meaning that a run segment only shows runs on the leaderboard and a cycling segment only shows rides on the leaderboard. If activities are uploaded to Strava under an incorrect activity type, or with data that is motor-assisted by either an electric bike or while driving a car, the fairness and accuracy of our leaderboards suffer. Each Strava athlete is responsible for the content they upload and we expect all athletes to contribute positively to the Strava community by following our guidelines. As stated in our Terms of Use, repeated actions that don't follow these guidelines can result in some action taken by Strava on the offending account.

In an effort to keep our segment leaderboards as fair as possible, we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Keep motorized and non-traditional bicycle data off the leaderboards
  • Use the E-bike Ride and Virtual Ride activity types
  • Hide motor-paced rides from leaderboards
  • Manipulated GPS data is not allowed on any leaderboards
  • Keep rides with a mixed gender tandem bike off the leaderboards
  • Mark duplicate versions of an activity as private
  • How to responsibly participate in segment leaderboards on Strava
  • How to report activities that should not be on leaderboards

Guidelines for motorized and non-traditional bicycles:

The Ride activity type is for conventional human-powered bicycles riding outdoors. This does not include data recorded while driving a car, motorcycle, or other motorized vehicle, or using an electric bike or other electric-assisted vehicle, or using a non-traditional bicycle with farings or aerodynamic modifications including velomobiles, or using a GPS simulator program for virtual riding. 

Use the E-bike Ride and Virtual Ride activity types:

To preserve the fairness and accuracy of the leaderboards for the Ride activity type, use the available E-bike Ride or Virtual Ride activity types, make your ride private, or use the setting "Hide from segment leaderboards" on the edit screen. 

Guidelines for motor-paced rides:

Motor-pacing, or drafting behind a motorized vehicle, is considered motor-assistance and conflicts with the fairness and integrity of segment leaderboards. When uploading data from a motor-paced ride, please use the option on the activity edit screen Hide from segment leaderboards or one of the other options listed below.

Manipulated GPS Data

If you use a third party website to manipulate your GPS data, especially if it's to enhance your segment times, you may not upload this data to Strava. This includes uploading route files to your Strava account. Failure to comply with this guideline may result in account deletion. 

Guidelines for mixed gender tandem bike activities:

Our leaderboards are gender specific and because of this, we ask our athletes to help keep male efforts on male leaderboards and female efforts on female leaderboards. For gender listed as "other", efforts default to the male leaderboard. If your tandem activity contains both male and female efforts, please use one of the options listed below.

Guidelines on uploading duplicate activities:

If you upload duplicate activities, mark one of them as private. We do not allow two public versions of the same activity on Strava. If you continually upload duplicates and do not mark them as private, your account will be at risk for deletion. 

How to responsibly participate in segment leaderboards on Strava: 

  • Mark the activity private to remove all segment times from the leaderboards.
  • From the activity edit options, select Hide from Segment Leaderboards to hide your efforts from the leaderboards. Your efforts will still show up under "My Results" but will not be public
  • From the edit options, change the activity type to "Workout" (not to be confused with the workout tag for rides and runs)

How to report activities that should not be on leaderboards:

By providing the Flag feature, Strava allows the community to moderate the accuracy of a Segment Leaderboard. The Flag tool is available to users to identify bad GPS data or data from non-human-powered and non-conventional bicycles. If you notice another athlete's activities should not be on leaderboards, please use the Activity Flag tool to remove the activity. For example, if a user accidentally leaves a GPS device on while driving home in a car and forgets to crop their data after upload, that data can be removed from the Leaderboard rankings when the Flag is created. The Flag feature is not designed to be overused or abused. Go here for instructions on how to appropriately use this feature. 
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