Recording an Activity

Record, upload, and analyze GPS-based activities with the Strava iOS app

Recording an Activity

Navigate to the record screen by tapping the circular Record icon located in the middle of the dashboard. Strava will default to recording the activity type set in your Profile (Ride or Run), but you can change this by tapping the shoe or bike icon above the Start button.

  • To begin recording, simply tap the Start button near the bottom of the screen.
  • Toggle between the map and stats displays by tapping the pin icon (highlighted below)
  • You can tap on Splits (if you're recording a run) or Map to see your splits and progress in real time.

IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0480.jpg IMG_0481.jpg

Pause, Save or Finish an Activity

Tap the square, stop icon to pause your activity. You'll then have the option to either Resume the recording or Finish it. You have a few options to remove resting time from your activity:

  • It is not necessary to pause your recording while stopped unless you'd like complete control over your moving time. You must be consistent about pausing if you go with this option.
  • If you'd like the app to auto-pause, the app will use GPS data or your phone's accelerometer to figure out when you're at rest. If you go indoors, you should manually pause or else the obstructed signal may trigger a false auto-resume.
  • If you turn off auto-pause and don't use manual pause, we would do all of our calculations on the server side after the activity is uploaded. We'd use your GPS data to figure out when you were at rest/moving.

Pressing the Finish button will take you to the Save Activity screen.

  • Set the activity Title, Activity Type, Description, Gear, and Privacy settings.
  • Tap Save Activity to upload to Strava's servers - and be aware that if you tap Discard (and then confirm this choice) - there is no way for Strava to recover the activity.
  • Your activity will appear on the Feed screen immediately and you’ll be able to view the full activity details after it is done syncing.

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Other recording features

  • Load a Route by tapping on the Record settings icon near the bottom left of the screen. Learn more
  • Live Segments brings the experience of competing on a segment to your mobile phone. Learn more
  • Live stats like speed, cadence, heart rate, and power will show real-time values instead of averages. Runs will still use average pace (Summit athletes only.)
  • Connect biometric sensors like compatible heart rate, cadence, and power meters to the Strava app. Learn more 
  • You can choose to enable auto-pause for hands-free pausing or you can choose to leave auto-pause off and we will calculate your moving time when the activity uploads to our server. Learn more
  • GPS strength indicator is a halo around your location indicating accuracy. The smaller the halo the stronger the GPS signal.


App Data Usage

While recording there is no data usage unless you're viewing the maps, or have Live Segments or Share My Activity Status turned ON. Otherwise, the app just uses GPS while recording. Once you've finished recording the app will need to transfer some data to sync the activity with the Strava servers. That's typically about 1MB for two hours of recording, so it's a pretty small amount. This can vary a bit based on GPS quality and usage of sensors such as heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors or power meters. There will also be some very small amount of data transfer to update your Feed. Please note, however, that if you can wait for a wifi connection to sync the activity or view the Feed then you can prevent all cellular data usage.


My activities aren't being recorded correctly. The activities are missing a map or the map that was recorded doesn't match what I actually did.

There is likely an issue with your GPS connection. Refer to our article on troubleshooting GPS issues.

I hit save but the activity hasn't synced to my account.

Refer to our article on troubleshooting syncing.

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  • I taped save after a ride, but there is nothing on my web page.

  • yep me too done all that and nothing appears on my page...

  • I have the same issue as the other two above.  Why no answer from STRAVA folks yet?

  • Have to be honest and hold my hands up.... i thought there was a problem with strava but the problem was with me.. Maybe it might be of help to someone else. I had opened an account with strava back in December and forgot all about it, then opened another one but my rides were not recorded because i was signing in to and looking at the wrong account.

  • I have been using this ap for about a year. Ever since the update it is a hit or miss if it will record my ride and or acurate. Now it records nothing. I have a Iphone 6.

  • I have been using this ap for about a year. Ever since the update it is a hit or miss if it will record my ride and or acurate. Now it records nothing. I have a Iphone 6.

    Exactly my problem since I got a new IPhone 6 3 days ago. For three rides, only 1 was recorded! Fortunately I also run MapMyRide with zero problems.

  • First time I have ever used it was this morning, loaded the route and pressed record as I set off.  I am using iPhone 6plus, after pressing record I pressed the power button just to switch off the screen and put it in my pocket.  When I arrived at my destination it had recorded nothing after the first 3 seconds.  Do you have to have it so that the screen is continually on?  Doesn't the GPS work whilst it is in your pocket?

  • Well I think I found the answer as to why the iPhone 6 running IOS 8.4.1 doesn't record on Strava, 


    Settings / General / Privacy / Location Services / Strava

    The default position is that the app is allowed to use location services when you are "using it", this means if the screen goes off then it stop recording.  If you choose "Allow location access" to "Always" then you are in business and it works.

    Three rides today, first 2 failed to record, the third after this manoeuvre was a success.  I set my Strava record button then put the phone away in my bag and it seems to record even if the power goes to the regular screen off - sleep mode.


  • I found that if you're standing still, hit record, and then take off nothing gets recorded. It seems you have to be moving and then hit the record arrow - not good in terms of safety, but it's the only way this works for me. Not happy!

  • The "allow location access" set to "always" was the trick!   Thank you for sharing the frustration and the solution. 

  • I still find that the ride only gets recorded if one is moving when hitting the start button. Otherwise nothing happens. If I stop during the ride everything is OK.

    Strange, and very annoying when one considers that in the winter, when wearing gloves, it will be difficult to hit the start arrow!


  • i have an iphone 5 and a new laptop that i can not get my strava phone app to sync to. And it just says no activity for the past 60 days when i open strava on the laptop. annoying

  • I recorded a ride this past weekend which was 10/17/15 and after the ride I hit save and named the ride just as i usually do which the name is Black Fox ride 10/17/15

    i usually name it the same as the date since this is a ride I do regularly but after saving the ride everything looks like it normally does except that it says that the activity

    was done on September 18 2015 and also the time was in the PM instead of the AM is there a new update that I haven't done or is it my phone and strava not

    communicating correctly. phone is an iphone 5s this is the first time I have seen it do this. Any ideas ?

  • App lost my run after I clicked SAVE!!! How can that happen??? Strava support yet to respond..

  • All my activity data disappeared after I clicked SAVE!! It showed up as a blank run ..


  • I tap the button to start, I tap the flag to finish, go to save and... Starve save only the last 50meters!!! Where is my all trip?

  • Downloaded the app today, and wanted to try it out. When I try to start a new activity its not possible because "strava cannot track your activity while background processes are disabeled". Ive tried to change the settings so its able to use my location "always". I've agreex
    D to all terms and conditions, and I havent changed any deafult settings. I'm able to track an activity right after ive downloaded the app, but when i end and discard this activity as a test, its not possible to record a new activity. Ive tried both on my iPhone 5s, and iPad air 2...

  • unable to load my ride from garmin810 to iphone6+ starve apps.??? i need help on this never happen on iphone5S starve apps.

  • Same problem as Hakon ...v frustrating. sadly no answer on this page either.

  • I've been out snowshoeing 4 days in the last week.  Starve is still trying to Sync 4 activities.  It will time out when it gets tired.  What am I doing wrong?

    I've been using it successfully for a couple of years now.  First time this has been a problem.

  • I see that the problem that I'm having with the recording of my riding activity is know and hopefully will be fixed soon . 

  • lately when i hit sabe, it only reads "     synchronizing an activity" and does no more. What's going on ?

  • My Strava  account is due renewal on the 23rd of this month (01/23/2016 ) if this problem with the system is not correct my the 21st (01/21/2016) I'm going to have to look elsewhere because it's getting too frustrating .

  • I have a I phone 5S it's not possible to record my activity, the phone synchronization and synchronization........

    Thank you 

  • We're all having the same problem. Awesome run this arvo and it's still 'syncing one activity...' logged out and back in and yep still would not work- must be a bug - I'm on Iphone 5s.I've taken it off screen lock but to no avail. I have sent a request for help but probably will take a while...!!!

  • Same as above, my run recorded fine, but won't finish syncing. Any responses from Strava? Would it be worthwhile to use the cateye app (or similar) and then upload to Strava?

  • Left my Garmin at home, so thought no problem - use strava app on IoS. First use... linked Powertap P1 pedals through bluetooth, and off I went.

    Picked up power, distance, time and auto paused when I refilled bottles. Brilliant...

    Except, finished, saved activity, it said on my feed it was synching. This took over an hour while I drove home and had coffee. I was wifi when I got home, so should've worked.

    Now... it's gone. All my 150km of data rich information is lost.

    I wish I had used the Powertap app, but thought strava would do the job. MASSIVE FAIL....

  • The free Strava app on my IPhone seems to work when I start riding and moving before hitting the record button. Once every 4 or 5 rides that doesn't work as when my ride ends, nothing was recorded.
    Still frustrating!

  • Strava app on iPhone5 has failed to sync several activities over past 2 weeks. I came here to find what I'm doing wrong. Set to "always" as suggested above and will try to record next activity. Lost activities are so frustrating. I've discovered I must use data for record and sync. If I switch to wifi when I get home, activity is lost -- won't sync, though it tries to forever until I delete those that "failed."

  • every time i go to start a cycle or a run i star the app on my phone and it come up with a message saying
    Background App Refresh Disabled
    Starve cannot track your activity while background processes are disabled
    what does this mean?
    how can i stop it ?
    how do get to track my activity again
    it was working then update not working?

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