Giving and Receiving Comments

Comments are a great way to engage with other athletes on Strava. Athletes can leave comments on activities, posts, achievements, completions, Challenge, Race or Goal entries, etc. From your activity feed or activity page, you can see how many comments an activity has already received and add your own.

Deleting a Comment

  • On the web, you will see an [X] in line with the comment when you move your cursor over it.
  • On Android, from the discussion view, long-press the comment to reveal the option to delete it.
  • On iOS, from the discussion view, swipe across the comment to reveal the option to delete it.

Comment Notifications

You can manage comment notifications from the Settings > Push Notifications on the mobile app or the email preferences sections of your Settings page on the web.


Can I turn off notifications for an activity discussion I participated in? 

Please note that if you comment on or give kudos to an activity, you have effectively 'subscribed' to that activity's conversation, and if your settings allow it you will receive a notification of every subsequent comment. At this time, the only way to 'unsubscribe' yourself from that conversation is to delete your comment, as shown above.

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