Pro Athlete Status

Strava Pros are professional athletes who are passionate about Strava and our community. They're the best at what they do and inspire the athletes who follow them. A Strava Pro Badge is an elite distinction only conferred upon a very limited number of athletes competing at the absolute top level of their discipline.

Strava Pros will be selected based on the following qualifications:

  • You earn the majority of your income from sport through salary, appearance fees or prize money. Being paid with product or event winnings alone does not qualify athletes for Pro accounts.
  • You actively compete in the most competitive races at a national and/or international level (at least two high-level races or events per year). 
  • Examples include cyclists who actively compete on a professional team at top-level events like the World Cup, World Tour, Grand Tours, etc. Runners who have achieved an IAAF entry standard in the past 18 months or placed in the top five in a USATF Championship event or UTWT event. Triathletes who meet the USA or ITU Elite Athlete standards. Other athletes who compete at the highest level for your sport and are paid to do it.
  • You are an active member of the Strava community (uploading the majority of their training and racing).

As a Strava Pro, you will be given:

  • A Pro badge on your profile page
  • Complimentary Strava subscription
  • Space on your profile page to showcase your sponsors

In order for Strava Pros to fully engage with the community, we ask that you:

  • Use your real name and add a profile picture that represents you as an athlete
  • Include information in the Bio section of the Profile page that illustrates defining moments or results
  • Be accessible to Followers and fans by allowing all Strava users to Follow and view activity details
  • Take advantage of the social aspects of Strava by naming rides, commenting and giving kudos, gear tracking, etc.

If you think you meet these requirements, and you'd like to have a Pro account on Strava, please complete the form on this page:

Disclaimer: The Strava Pro Badge can be taken away at any time if the Pro does not follow the guidelines set forth in the Strava Pro Guide.


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