Stationary, Indoor and Treadmill Activities

How to record and upload a stationary, indoor or treadmill activity

  • At this point, the Strava mobile app can't record indoor or stationary activities.
  • You can record indoor runs with the Strava Apple Watch App.
  • Indoor activities can be recorded with any Strava-compatible GPS device or non-GPS device as long as the data is compatible with the Strava uploader (or can be synced from another app to Strava).
    • If you record indoors especially with sensors for speed, cadence or power, you should disable the GPS on your device while recording a stationary activity. This will help with correct analysis of your data such as distance and speed.

Marking an activity as a Stationary Trainer or Treadmill on the Strava website

Since the Strava mobile app cannot record stationary or indoor data without a GPS signal, these activity options are only available on the website. To mark as a Stationary Trainer or Treadmill, use the pencil icon on the activity to edit, then select the tag. You can also edit activities quickly from the My Activities page under the Training tab. 

Overview of the indoor activity page

  • The Stationary activity page looks like any other activity detail page but without the map. Instead, the performance graph is highlighted to give you a view of your heart rate, speed, cadence or power data if available.
  • If you have this accessory data, you will also be able to view subscription features such as heart rate zone breakdown and power analysis. If you don't have any accessory data, then there may not be a performance graph but you will still get credit for your elapsed time.


If you didn't record your indoor session with a device, you can still enter the data manually on Strava. More information can be found here.

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