Stationary/Treadmill Activities

The Stationary Activity type on Strava is designed to give you an improved visual of your data without GPS. If you are indoors and riding a stationary trainer (bike) or running on a treadmill (run) there is no useful GPS data, but there is still the need to record and analyze those efforts. 

Please note that at this point, the Strava mobile app can't record indoor or stationary activities, although this is something we hope to support in the future.


The Stationary activity page looks like any other activity detail page but without the map. Instead, the performance graph is highlighted to give you a view of your heart rate, speed, cadence or power data if available. If you have this accessory data, you will also be able to view Premium features such as heart rate zone breakdown and power analysis. If you don't have any accessory data, then there may not be a performance graph but you will still get credit for your elapsed time!

How to upload Stationary data 

From your Garmin device, upload as you normally would on the web. The file you upload can have GPS data, but it is preferable that you turn off your GPS on your device before recording so as to get the best recorded data. If there is no GPS data detected, or if the activity is detected as stationary, Strava will automatically designate the activity under the "Stationary trainer" or "Treadmill" tags. When you go to view the activity after upload, it will appear without the map view as described in the Overview above. 

Edit a Stationary Activity

To edit a stationary activity, simply navigate to the "Edit Ride" or "Edit Run" buttons (pencil icon) on the activity detail page. Alternatively, you can edit directly from the My Activity page under the Training tab. You can add a title, bike or shoes, change the activity type, make private or add comments/ride notes. You can also make any activity stationary from this Edit page by selecting the Stationary Trainer or Treadmill checkboxes, regardless if the system automatically detected and labeled the activity as stationary.

Activities from Virtual Trainers

Virtual trainer activities done on software such as Zwift, BKOOL, Tacx, and others can have inaccurate speeds and segment times. Because of this, the activities need to be marked in one of four ways. The activities can be marked as either Private, Stationary trainer, a workout, or the activity can be flagged.

If you still want to show off your activity map to your buddies, marking the activity as a workout is the best option. If you want to see segment times, but not affect the leader boards, please flag the activity. 

Unfortunately, because these rides are virtual, we can't allow times from these activities on public segment leaderboards, nor can we allow the activities to be counted towards challenges (unless otherwise specifically stated in the challenge rules).

Tips and Tricks

  • As mentioned above, it is best to turn off your GPS while recording a stationary activity. This will help with correct reporting of elapsed time and with the distance stream recorded by your data.
  • Didn't record with your Garmin? Enter a manual activity. You'll get the credit for the training and all you have to do is enter the basic fields like duration, time of day, date, and distance. To create a manual activity go to "Upload Activity" on your account and choose "Upload an activity manually". 
Contact support if you have any questions about stationary activities, or if you are interested in having other file formats supported. When you do, please attach a file as an example to the support ticket.
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