Perceived Exertion

Perceived Exertion lets you manually record how intense your efforts feel on a 1-10 scale ranging from “Easy” to “Max Effort.”  Perceived Exertion can supplement or stand in for your heart rate data when tracking how difficult a workout feels overall. That means Perceived Exertion can power features that otherwise require heart rate data, including Relative Effort, Fitness & Freshness, and Fitness.

  • On the activity save or edit screen, use the slider under Perceived Exertion to select the activity’s overall intensity level. 
  • On an activity-by-activity basis, you can choose to use Perceived Exertion instead of heart rate to contribute to Fitness and Relative Effort. The default will be heart rate data or power for rides recorded with a power meter. However, selecting this option allows you to get credit if your recorded heart rate was inaccurate or missing entirely.



Can I add Perceived Exertion to my past activities?

Yes, however, there is no way to edit Perceived Exertion in bulk. You will need to edit each individual activity to add Perceived Exertion.

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