Edit Past Activities

You can update your activity privacy controls and hide your heart rate for all past activities in bulk from the privacy settings page on the Strava website or mobile app. Please be aware that any changes you make will be applied to all of your past activities.

  • On the web, go to your settings page by hovering over your profile picture in the top right and selecting Settings.
    • Click on the Privacy Controls tab on the left side of the page. 
    • Locate the Edit Past Activities section, check off Activity Visibility or Heart Rate Visibility, and click Next.
    • Make your selection and click Next.
  • On the mobile app, open your settings from the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Home, Groups, or You tab.
    • Select Privacy Controls > Edit Past Activities > Get Started.
    • Check off Activity Visibility or Heart Rate Visibility and select Next to reveal your options and make your selection.
  • Please allow a few moments for your activities to be updated. During this time, you will not be able to reverse the change or make any other changes.

What are your controls?

Your activity privacy controls allow you to restrict access to your activity details page to everyone, followers, or just you. To appear on a public segment leaderboard, your activity must be set to “Everyone.” This means that if you adjust your activities from Everyone to Followers or Only You, you will lose any segment achievements on your activities. A brief overview of your options can be found below but here’s where you can find an in-depth explanation of your activity privacy controls.

  • When you select Everyone, all Strava athletes will have full access to your activity pages and anyone on the web will see a logged-out version of your activity page. The activity will appear on leaderboards for segments and challenges.
  • When you select Followers, your followers will have full access to your activity pages but the activity will not appear publicly on leaderboards for segments or challenges that contain a leaderboard. Non-Followers and anyone else on the web will not be able to access this page.
  • When you select Only You, you are the only person who can access the activity details page. The activity will not appear on your profile or club feeds as a summary nor will your activity be on public leaderboards of any kind. 
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