How to Resolve an Activity Flag

Viewing your Flagged Activities

If your activity has been flagged it means that your activity has been identified as potentially violating the segment leaderboard guidelines either by auto-detection or another Strava athlete. Flagged activities will not appear on the segment leaderboards. You can see the flagged status of your activity in several places:

  • In your feed on the Strava website, you will see a flag icon next to the activity title. 
  • Select the My Activities page from the Training dropdown menu at the top of the page. Any flagged activities will be highlighted in red with a flag icon next to the title.
  • From the activity page on either the Strava website or mobile app, you’ll see a red banner that indicates the activity has been flagged.

What to do if your Activity is Flagged

An activity flag can be resolved from the activity details page. The flag banner will include specific instructions for the actions you can take to resolve the flag. After you have selected the option appropriate for the flag, you will be walked through the steps to resolve the flag.


  • Use the crop tool to remove any inaccurate or motor-assisted portions from the start or end of the activity.
  • Change the activity’s sport type if the activity was accidentally recorded or uploaded as the wrong type. 
  • If you recorded a car ride, bad GPS data, or motor pacing in the middle of your activity you can split the activity at the beginning of the affected portion and then crop the bad data.
  • If the activity does not need to appear on your Strava account at all (if the activity is a duplicate for example) you can delete the activity
  • Select The activity is fine, trust me on the Strava website or ellipses icon > Remove Flag on the mobile app to dismiss the flag. If the activity is flagged a second time, the option to dismiss the flag will not be available, and choosing one of the other options is suggested.

If the activity does violate the segment leaderboard but cannot be fixed using one of the options above, you currently have a few other options:

  • Set the Privacy Controls for who can see your activity to "Followers." The segment efforts from your activity will still show up on the "My Results" leaderboard, but not on "All Time" or other public ones.
  • Leave the activity flagged. Leaving the activity flagged will remove it from the leaderboards, but your activity will still remain public and will retain your segment times (though they are officially removed from the leaderboards). Besides seeing a red flag bar on the activity page, there are no negative repercussions of having a flagged activity.
  • Set the Privacy controls for who can see your activity to "Only You". This will remove the activity from public leaderboards and hide the activity from the public. You'll still be able to see your segment times.
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