Goals on the Strava App

Subscribers can set goals for all sports types from the Strava mobile app. You can set a goal of distance, time, number of activities, or elevation and the timeframe in which you'd like to achieve it (weekly, monthly, or annually/yearly). Power and segment goals can be set from the Strava website.

  • Open the You tab from the bottom navigation menu and select Progress.
    • Tap Add Goal from the Goals section
    • Choose a sport type or a combined effort of multiple sport types, the time frame, and the metric. Enter a value and save. Be aware that all activities within the specified time limit will count towards your goal, including those uploaded before the goal was set.

If you have already set a goal, you'll see your progress towards the goal(s) on the Progress tab. You can also view progress on your activity details page of the corresponding activity; progress for a run goal will show on your run activity. Tap See All Your Goals to see your current goals in more detail. You can also use the plus sign icon on that page to add a new goal.


Why is the goal I created on the mobile app not showing up on the website?

At this time, only ride, run, and swim goals for select time frames and metrics are supported on the Strava website. This means that any goals set for a different sport type, monthly goals, and elevation goals cannot be viewed on the Strava website.

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