Following Strava Athletes

What is "Following?"

Following is a way for athletes to subscribe to other athletes' activities on Strava. Anyone can follow another athlete unless that athlete has turned on "Enhanced Privacy" - in which case that athlete will be required to approve a request to be Followed.

When you follow another athlete you will see their activities, challenge progress, created routes, among other actions display in your activity feed.

Who's following me?

A complete list of your followers can be viewed in your athlete profile page under the "Following" tab. There, you will also find a list of athletes you follow as and a list of suggested athletes for you to follow.



Manage Followers

From your profile page, you can easily manage your current followers from the "Following Me" option. Click on the circular icon to Remove or Block a user who is currently following your activities.

“Remove” a follower simply removes him/her from your list of followers but allows him/her to follow or request to follow you in the future. 

“Block” a follower prevents him/her from following you again, seeing your profile details, or viewing your activity details in his/her feed. Someone you've blocked will be able to view your activities from public areas like leaderboards, club pages and segment explore.

Following FAQ: "Can people who aren't following me see my gear (e.g. which bike I used) and the time of my ride or run?" No. Your gear and time of ride/run are only displayed to people who are following you.


How to follow an athlete

You can follow athletes by clicking on the Follow button wherever they appear around an athlete's profile.



You can change your settings to require you to approve athletes wishing to follow your activities by going to your profile settings page and turning on Enhanced Privacy Mode. For more information check out our article on Privacy.


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