Strava Notifications

Viewing your Notifications

  • Email Notifications
    • Strava sends you an email for each notification.
    • Email preferences can be adjusted (turned on/off) on the website from your Account Settings.
  • Notifications in-web
    • On the website, there is a "notifications" section that can be accessed when viewing any page on Simply press the bell icon located next to your profile image in the top-right corner.
    • There is no way to disable these notifications.
  • Notifications in-app
    • On the mobile app there is a "notifications" tab, also a bell icon in the top-right corner, that can be accessed when viewing your dashboard.
    • There is also the option for push notifications, which will show up in your notifications bar outside the Strava app. 
    • Push notification settings can be adjusted by navigating to Settings > Notifications and toggling individual notifications ON/OFF. 

Types of Notifications

There are a few types of notifications that Strava sends:

  • New Follower notifications (someones Follows you or requests to Follow you)
  • Kudos notifications (someone has given you Kudos on an activity)
  • Comment notifications (someone has commented on your activity, someone has replied to a comment you made on an activity, or someone mentioned you in a comment)
  • Club notifications (when someone adds a message to a club discussion board)
  • Segment notification - lost or tied KOM, QOM or CR (If you hold the top spot on a Segment Leaderboard and your time has been tied or surpassed)

Segment Notifications

  • If your lost KOMs are on segments with an average grade of 0% or lower, you will not receive an email notification. Additionally, we intentionally don't generate notifications in some cases where doing so might be a poor experience or produce inaccurate and unnecessary notifications.
  • If you receive a "Lost KOM/QOM/CR" email that you believe reflects an illegitimate time, you can flag the activity. 
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