Strava Notifications

Types of Notifications

  • Email Notifications
    • Strava sends you an email for each notification.
    • Email preferences can be adjusted (turned on/off) on the website. Hover over your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings > Email Notifications.
  • Notifications in-web
    • On the website, there is a "notifications" section that can be accessed when viewing any page on Simply press the bell icon located next to your profile image in the top-right corner.
    • There is no way to disable these notifications.
  • Notifications in-app
    • On the mobile app there is a "notifications" tab, also a bell icon in the top-right corner, that can be accessed when viewing your dashboard.
    • There is also the option for push notifications, which will show up in your notifications bar outside the Strava app. 
    • Push notification settings can be adjusted by navigating to Profile > Settings (gear icon) > Push Notifications and toggling individual notifications ON/OFF.

Segment Notifications

If your lost KOMs are on segments with an average grade of 0% or lower, you will not receive an email notification. Additionally, we intentionally don't generate notifications in some cases where doing so might be a poor experience or produce inaccurate and unnecessary notifications. If you receive a "Lost KOM/QOM/CR" email that you believe reflects an illegitimate time, you can flag the activity. 

Email Newsletter

Enable this setting to receive email updates about new features, personalized data visualizations or promotions, and offers from Strava and its partners. Please note that you have to have this setting enabled in order to receive the monthly summaries of your stats. You can control this setting from the email notifications page on the Strava website or from the Strava mobile app by navigating to Profile > Settings (gear icon) > Email Notifications.

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