How can I merge duplicate accounts on Strava?

It is possible to accidentally end up registering multiple separate Strava Accounts for the same user. The information in this article is designed to help you find your multiple accounts, transfer all existing uploads onto one account if necessary, and deactivate whichever account you would like to close. There is no simple "merge" function for separate Strava accounts at this time, so transferring uploaded data to the one account you wish to keep is required (deactivating an account removes all uploaded data on that account).

If you are unsure if you have duplicate accounts on Strava or not, please contact Strava Support directly by creating a new support ticket. 

Deactivating a duplicate account with no uploaded data:

If you know you have a duplicate account that contains no personal data or uploads you wish to keep, Log into that account and proceed with the Deactivation instructions found here

Deactivating a duplicate account with uploaded data you wish to Transfer or Export:

If you have multiple accounts that each contain unique data, you may wish to consolidate all your data to one account, the one you wish to keep. Or, you can simply export any data you wish to keep for your records before deactivating your account.

To transfer data from one account to another account:

  1. Log into the account FROM WHICH you would like to transfer data.
  2. Follow these instructions to bulk export the data on this account. 
  3. Log into the account that you would like to transfer the data TO (the account you will keep). 
  4. Go to "Upload Activity" and "Upload a file from your computer". Navigate to where the bulk exported data was saved, and upload.

Once you have transferred all your activity to your primary account that you will keep, log back into the now duplicate account to close, and proceed with the Deactivation instructions

If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to contact Support by starting a new support ticket. Deactivating your account is PERMANENT and cannot be undone. 

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