Managing Shoe Notifications

If you run enough you already know this, but shoes eventually wear out. And when they do you're at increased risk of injury caused by the break down of  shoe construction and materials, especially the midsole which is where most of the cushioning is.

For any pair of shoes you add in Strava, you can receive an email notification when you reach a certain mileage to remind you it's time for a new pair.

Shoe notifications are managed from the Gear page and the Shoe Edit screen and can only be done from the website.

To get there:

1. Click on your Profile picture and from the dropdown menu click on Settings

2. Click on My Gear from the left hand side of the page.

3. Click on the name of the shoe you'd like to edit the notifications for. From here you can either change the mileage for your reminder, or turn the notification off completely.



More information about shoe notifications:

  • Default mileage for notifications is 250 miles and you can be edited to up to 800 miles. This can be changed at any time.
  • You will continue to receive notifications after you've reached the threshold for every run where that shoe is selected, unless you retire the shoe, or turn the notification off from the Shoe Edit screen.
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  • Is there any way to bulk assign a shoe to all runs within a date range?

  • I have updated my shoes on my log - but on my iphone app the retired shoes are still showing and the new shoes are not there to select. and I cant seem to be able to change the shoe data once it is loaded up into my activities - can any one help me fix this?

  • Cumulative mileage does not appear on the shoes I've loaded.  How can I tell if the gear mileage feature is working?

  • @Adam: This is something that admins can hep with if you still need help. Simply submit a support ticket. Otherwise, the best option is to use the My Activities page which allows pretty simple editing.

    @Streakes: Not sure what's happening there. Maybe try just logging out, closing the app and restarting it. Submit a support ticket if you're still having problems.

    @Brad: For cumulative mileage to show for your shoes, you would have to assign shoes to each of the previously uploaded activities manually. If that doesn't seem to be working correctly, please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to investigate.

  • I have just changed my phone and can't remember my pass word. I have tryied and tryed without success can you help.

  • Is there anyway of editing the mileage for a shoe so doesn't start from zero? I want to add some of my older shoes

  • Hello
    Happy New Year 2017!
    A small remark: the mark of my shoes is not in your list. Unable to add them.
    There are 2 brands: btwin and Northwave.

  • Hi Yves,
    You can contact us directly and we will add the new shoe brands to our list.

  • Anyone spot the deliberate mistake in the email from Strava below?
    Well Done!
    You've run 713 kilometers on your Barefoot (No Shoes) shoes.
    Most manufacturers and coaches recommend that you replace running shoes every 500–800km to help prevent injury. Now might be a good time to reward yourself with a new pair.
    Don't forget to add your next pair of shoes to My Gear

    My feet are still attached to my legs and seem to be doing just fine, but the alerts won't go away

  • New shoes are more prone to causing injuries BECAUSE of the cushioning, I think the whole premise of this notification is flawed and the default should be off, since it is bad advice

  • i do all my run I fivefinger. can't choose them, why?

  • hi all. i'd like to know a little thing. i've changed my pair of shoes the september this year but until now i've forget to update the gear. can i change my gear from that times 'till now automagically or can i doing this by hand for all my training?

  • My gear doesn't appear to update mileage from manual entries (treadmill). Is this supposed to function this way?

  • Kallie H: It’s not, but this feature, like most everything else about Strava, is extremely buggy. Sometimes if I re-save my activity a couple of (dozen) times, it will finally increment my shoes’ mileage (or not).

    Other times, I’ve just had the mileage revert to 0, and remain stuck there for weeks. When it starts incrementing again, it increments not from where it used to be, but from 0.

    Honestly I wouldn’t rely on Strava to keep track of my shoes’ mileage.

  • Buggy indeed.
    A couple days ago I received a notification congratulating me "You've run 321 miles on your Altra shoes."
    But, assuming the alert was set to the default 250 miles, shouldn't I have received this email 71 miles ago?
    Also, I don't run in these shoes anymore (but haven't retired them yet), why did I just get this notification?

  • when i was on dailymile (r. i. p.😢) they have every piece of gear you might use for any workout, entered manually. (thus, i listed each article of clothing i might wear though would lump all sweat pants together, all tank tops together, and so forth) plus bike an related stuff, and snow removal implements.
    i put in my bare feet and set beginning mileage at 9999. when the site went down on 03/20, it showed around 16700 for them so i must have put on close to 7000 miles/11200km!
    i do everything barefoot, so i hope i can turn off alerts for my feet which show no sign of wearing out.

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