Strava Challenges

What are Strava Challenges?

Strava offers several different types of challenges as a fun way to motivate people to push themselves and accomplish a specific goal. Challenges can last a day, several days or even an entire month. They can be a single activity or cumulative. We currently host running and cycling challenges that are typically centered around hitting a certain distance or elevation. Sometimes we pair with partners to bring you challenges that offer a prize for completing.

How do I participate in a Strava Challenge?

Search the Challenge Gallery for open challenges and click the join button for the ones that strike your interest (on Android you can find the gallery in the Navigation Tab, for iOS use the Explore tab). Strava hosts a variety of different challenges, all of which have different rules and requirements, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the Challenge Official Rules located on the Challenge page. Some general rules to note:

  • Make sure your activity is marked with the appropriate sport type to count towards the Challenge.
  • Unless a specific Challenge states otherwise, the following activities do not count towards Strava Challenges:
    • Manual entries.
    • Activities viewable by only you or your followers.
    • Stationary and indoor activities (this includes treadmill, trainers, virtual activities, indoor track, indoor velodrome, etc.)
    • E-bike activities.

Where can I check my progress towards a Challenge?

You can always check the Challenge page to view your progress. On both web and mobile, you’ll find a progress bar on the Challenge page to let you know how close you are to completing. You can also view your progress in currently joined Challenges on your profile page in the mobile app.

Some Challenges offer milestone badges when you hit a certain percent of the required goal, you’ll find the badge in your activity feed on the website. Once you complete a Challenge you’ll also find a completion badge in your activity feed on the website. You’ll also get your very own Trophy Case for completion badges, viewable on both web and mobile.

Challenge Leaderboards

Each Strava Challenge has a leaderboard that ranks all Strava athletes who are participating in the Challenge. Once you start uploading activities you’ll see your status on the leaderboard.

  • How is my pace/ place calculated on the Challenge leaderboard?
    • Runs
      • For single activity distance challenges, such as the monthly 10k or half marathon, you’ll be ranked by your pace.
        • Your position on the Leaderboard is based on the fastest average pace of any activities that meets (or exceeds) the challenge goal requirement.
        • The average pace is taken based on elapsed time and includes the entire duration of the qualifying activity.
      • For cumulative distance or elevation challenges, such as the monthly distance or climbing challenge, you’ll be ranked by your total distance or elevation.
    • Rides
      • For single activity distance challenges, such as the monthly Gran Fondo, you’ll be ranked by your you longest distance activity.
      • For cumulative distance or elevation challenges, such as the monthly climbing, you’ll be ranked by total distance or elevation.
  • How can I flag false data?

Challenge Prizes

Sometimes we’ll partner with other brands to sponsor challenges that offer prizes. Due to restrictions in certain countries, we’re unable to offer prize redemption options to everyone but we choose to keep participation to the challenge open to all. Prize eligibility and fulfillment is at the sole discretion of the partner hosting the Challenge. For any questions related to prize eligibility and redemption please contact the partner directly. Please be sure to read the page for that specific challenge for more details pertaining to any rewards and be sure to:

  • Have a valid email on your account
  • Have the Email Newsletter turned ON. You’ll find this setting by logging into your account on the Strava website under Settings > Email Notifications > Email Newsletter > select ON.

Tips and Tricks

  • New to Strava? Check out our Getting Started Guides for mobile and web.
  • Already have a dedicated GPS device? Find out how to upload to Strava from yours.
  • Set up your device for success:
    • Record a test activity and get familiar with the recording and upload process (recording guides for iOS and Android).
    • Give your phone (or other GPS devices) time to acquire a solid GPS connection.
    • Close other apps before using Strava.
  • To ensure you meet the Challenge goal, we recommend you run or ride a small amount over the required distance (about .5km/.3mi for runs and 3 km/2 mi for rides). GPS isn't perfect so this will help accommodate data inaccuracies.
  • Having trouble uploading? Here are some helpful tips to help troubleshoot for iOS and Android.
  • Be sure to have your Email Notifications ON to receive important updates and prize information.
  • Activities aren't counting towards a Challenge? Try these suggestions.
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