Strava's Family Plan

Strava's Family Plan lets you share the cost of an annual Strava subscription with up to three family members or friends. Each member gets unlimited access to subscription features that help you train, compete, and explore, plus performance stats and data.

How it Works:

Strava's family plan is available for up to three family members or friends. You can add anyone to your plan as long as they are not an existing Strava subscriber and they live in the same country as you. There can be fewer than four people on your family plan with no change to the price, and you will have the opportunity to fill any remaining spots after you start your plan. Family plans are only available as an annual subscription and not monthly.

To start, Strava is launching Family Plans in select countries. Please visit to be notified of when Family Plans are available in your area.

How to start a family plan if you're already a subscriber:

If you’re already a Strava subscriber, you must cancel your existing plan and wait for it to expire before joining or creating a Family Plan.

How to cancel If you subscribed on

  • Visit My Account in your settings and select Cancel Subscription, found under the Membership section. After canceling, you’ll need to wait for your billing period to end before joining a Family Plan. You’ll still have access to all your premium features in the meantime.

How to cancel if you subscribed through the App Store or Google Play:

  • You must first cancel your subscription and wait for your billing period to end. You’ll still have access to all your premium features in the meantime.


How much does a Family Plan cost?

With up to four members in your plan, this offers significant savings compared to the cost of an individual subscription. If you aren’t a subscriber, click here to see the plan cost in your country. If you are already a subscriber, please visit your My Account page.

If I have to cancel my subscription, will I lose any data?

No, you will not lose any data if you cancel your subscription or if it expires.

What happens if someone joins my Family Plan part way through the subscription?

If a new person joins your Family Plan after the subscription has started, they will only have access to the subscription features for the remaining time until the subscription renews or expires.

What if a member wants to leave the Family Plan? 

Invited members can leave their Family Plan at any time. The plan owner can then invite additional members to fill the remaining spots. Plan owners cannot leave or transfer ownership to another member, but they can cancel the plan so it does not renew.

If I join a Family Plan, will I be able to keep all my existing data and activities? 

Yes, if you already have a Strava account and start or join a Family Plan, all your Strava data, activities, and subscription features will remain part of your Strava profile.

Why don’t I see a Family Plan as an option?

Family Plans will launch in select markets. Click here to be notified when one is available for you.

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