Redeeming a Promotional Code

Athletes can redeem promotional codes generated by Strava or through one of our business partners. Two types of promotional codes can be redeemed; one is a promo code that gives an athlete a free subscription, and the second is a discount code that provides an athlete with a certain percentage off of their subscription.

All subscriptions must be canceled and expired prior to redeeming a discount code. Subscriptions through Apple or Google Play will need to be canceled and expire prior to redeeming a promo code. Information on how to cancel your subscription can be found here.

How to Redeem Your Code

  • If you received a discount code for your subscription, log in to your Strava account and follow this link to redeem the discount. Athletes will need to redeem their discount code before checkout.
  • If you receive a promo code that gives you a free Strava subscription, follow this link to redeem the discount.


I am having trouble redeeming a promo or discount code.

Only promo codes with a 100% discount can be redeemed with this link:

If you received a partial discount code, you would need to redeem the code with a free Strava account during the checkout process.

Can I redeem partial promo codes through the Strava app?

No, unfortunately, at this time, athletes can only redeem partial promo codes through the Strava website.

Can I redeem multiple promo codes?

Yes, however, this only applies to promo codes that contain a 100% discount. You can redeem these promo codes one at a time here.

I purchased a subscription/promotion that was supposed to activate my subscription for 14 months, but now my account is back to free. Why?

For athletes that purchased Strava's holiday promotion, there are two promo codes to redeem. You will receive the second promo code via email and will need to locate that code to reactivate your subscription. When you've located the code, you can redeem it here. If you're unable to find the second promo code, please submit a support ticket.

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