Your Privacy Control Defaults When You’re Under 18 on Strava

We require you to provide your date of birth to use our services in part because knowing your date of birth helps us provide enhanced privacy and safety for minors on our platform. If you are under 18 and create a Strava account after September 3rd, 2021, your privacy settings will be the following:

Profile: Followers

Only your followers on Strava will be able to see your complete profile. Any athlete who does not follow you on Strava will only be able to see limited information on your profile. They will also need to request your approval before they can follow you on Strava. Learn more about your profile page privacy controls here.

Activities: Followers

Only your followers on Strava will have access to your activities, and your activities will not appear on leaderboards for segments or challenges. Anyone who does not follow you on Strava or who does not have a Strava account will not be able to see your activities. Learn more about your activity privacy controls here.

Group Activities: Followers

Only your followers on Strava will be able to see if you are part of a group activity. Athletes who do not follow you cannot see you if you’re grouped in their activities and cannot see if you are part of another athlete’s group. Learn more about your group activity privacy controls here.

Map Visibility: Hide Start/End of Activity

The first and last 400 meters of your activity will not be visible to other athletes, even if they follow you. You will still be able to see these portions of your activity highlighted in gray. Learn more map visibility controls here.

Aggregated Data Usage: Don’t contribute to de-identified, aggregate data sets

Activities that use the “Everyone” or “Followers” privacy controls won’t be included in aggregate data sets used for community-driven features such as Metro, Heatmap, Points of Interest, and Start Points. Learn more here

Local Legends: No One

Your activities will not count towards a Local Legend achievement. Learn more about Local Legends here.

Flyby: No One

Flyby provides in-depth activity playbacks and lets you see athletes who were nearby and where you crossed paths. No one will be able to see you on Flyby, not even yourself. Learn more about your Flyby Privacy Controls here.

Mentions: Followers

Only athletes who follow your Strava account will be able to mention you in a comment or activity description. Learn more about Mentions on Strava here.

Messaging: Disabled

Athletes who are under the age of 18 years old will not have access to the Messaging feature on Strava.

With the exception of the processing of health-related data and messaging, the default settings described above can be changed after the Strava account has been created.

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