Driving Directions

Strava subscribers can get driving directions to the start of a route from the Maps tab of the Strava mobile app. Please be aware that you’ll need a navigation app installed on your phone in order to use this feature.

  1. From the Strava mobile app, navigate to Maps > Routes to browse suggested routes or Maps > Saved > Saved Routes to access routes you’ve created and saved.
  2. Open the route details page by tapping See Details.
  3. Tap Get Directions to open Apple Maps or Google Maps for iPhone or Android users, respectively. 
  4. The navigation app will automatically launch with directions from your current location to the start point of the Strava route.


Can I use Google Maps for directions if I have an iPhone?

No, at this time, you’ll need to have the Apple Maps app installed in order to use this feature on an iPhone.

Will I get turn-by-turn directions during my activity as well?

The Get Directions option will direct you to the start point of your route. Once you’ve arrived, you can use the Use Route option on the route details page to load the route on the record screen. More information about following a route, including using routes on third-party devices, can be found here.

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