Share your activities with a Strava Widget


You can share your recent Strava activity or a Club's recent activity on a website or blog by using the Strava Widget. 

  1. Start by going to your Profile page or your Club's page.
    • On your Profile page, click 'Share your Rides' or 'Share your Runs' in the right side column.
    • For Clubs, click 'Share Club Activities' at the right side of the page.
  2. In the widget options window, copy the text in the box corresponding to the type of widget you want to create: A list of your recent rides/runs, or a summary of your last week of riding/running.
  3. Paste the embed code into your personal blog to share your rides or runs.    


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  • The iframe src is missing when i look for these widgets... it's just a blank iframe code and doesn't work - how can i manually enter my user id into the url? eg - i found my user number (12283844) but that's not enough to make it work, i need a long number after it too...

    // EDIT // Strangely, when i reloaded the page, the code appeared correctly and is now working fine - sorry - can't delete the comment... 

  • When I paste the code into a text widget on wordpress it just shows up as the code text and not my activities. Any tips on how to get it to work?

  • Amy - try unticking (or ticking) the 'automatically add paragraphs' box and re-save. Pasting code into a WP widget should be fine.

  • I'm having the same issues as Amy, above. I'm pasting the code into a Text widget box on Wordpress and it just posts as an html link, not the activity feed. What am I doing wrong? I tried ticking/unticking the add paragraph box and that didn't change anything.

  • Folks - I just tested the Strava widget on Wordpress and it works fine as described, using the "text box or html widget".

    Are you using the latest version of Wordpress?

  • Ok, here's the skinny on Strava and Wordpress sites. One, strips out all iFrame code by default and won't let you post it into your blog properly. They say it's a security risk. Until Strava provides us with a straight HTML code for embedding into Widgets on blogs, it's no workie.

    Two, and this is something I didn't know, there is a completely different blog provider at You download the software, install it on your own server, and run it as it was yours. It's Open Source and free for everyone. It looks like iFrames is perfectly acceptable on blogs, which is what I'm guessing Elle is using (hence the "version" question). For us users, there is no version because it is enterprise software running on the Wordpress servers.

    In the end, if your blog won't run the Strava widget, it's because you are on a site. If it runs it fine, it's an open source blog that you set up yourself.

    Strave, what say you? Can you produce an HTML safe version of the widgets for use users?

  • Thanks for clarifying Doug! Very helpful.

    I'll ask around, but it's not likely we can get a full HTML widget turned around quickly given our full project backlog.

    I'll keep everyone posted.

  • Glad I could provide some insight. I couldn't figure out the problem and had to do some digging. I noticed that when I pasted in iFrame code, it changed itself to standard HTML which doesn't work.

    I may see if I can port over my .com blog into a .org open source site, as it would probably suit my needs much better than being handcuffed to the WordPress servers and fonts.

  • Hi how do I embed the strava club widget on a facebook closed group page?

  • Keep us posted Elle on the full HTML WordPress widget! Thanks!

  • The embed is not responsive. This should be updated to support viewing on more devices.

  • Is it possible to put the widget onto a Facebook community page? I can't seem to find a how to on Facebook or anywhere

  • For those using WordPress on their own site you can use this info to get it to work. To insert the iframe info from Strava onto a WordPress page.

    1. Log into your WordPress site and navigate to the page you want to add the widget.
    2. Hit the “Text” link (See Red Arrow below).
    3. In Strava, highlight the widget text and copy (Ctrl+C) the text. The text should look something like
    4. Go to the WordPress page and paste (Ctrl+V) the text where you want it.
    5. Hit Publish
    6. IMPORTANT - Hit the “Visual” link next to “Text” link now so that you can see what the widget looks like in the WordPress page.

    I put together a little help file to make it easier to understand and see where the "Text" link is at . Let me know if this helps or you have any questions.

  • That's great. I would say it only misses one thing, the automation side. I'm using ifttt to detect new activities and then post them to a WordPress. Though, I don't think it's possible to post directly the embed widget! That would be cool!!

  • That's great. I would say it only misses one thing, the automation side. I'm using ifttt to detect new activities and then post them to a WordPress. Though, I don't think it's possible to post directly the embed widget! That would be cool!!

  • Chboing Chboing The widget has a rolling week that it uses. As you do more, it will update automatically. What does IFTTT offer that does this better? Send a link, please?

  • Is there any way of working out what the second string is in the embedded iframe link? I'm using Hugo to blog my running and have a small shortcode to make embedded Strava runs easier but I was hoping I could just specify the activity ID to be able to link it. It looks like a SHA1 hash but it doesn't appear to be a simple 1 hash checksum against the activity ID so I'm stumped.

  • Currently the activity widget with your latest activities shows the elapsed time instead of the moving time, could this be the other way around?

  • Is there any way to share both rides AND runs in a widget?

  • I would like to add runs and rides separately however i can only embed runs or rides. how can i add runs and rides to different pages of my blog?

  • Any plans to create an iframe widget for upcoming group events? I would love to embed recurring rides on my website for people to see and join.

  • Any update on production of a workable (HTML?) Widget for Wordpress?

  • I followed Darrin McNeice's write-up. Nice work Darrin! While viewing the widget in the edit section, it looked great, but once published, it still stripped the iframe away.

    Just as Doug Carter explained, Wordpress does this for security reasons. You can find their explanation here.

    I'm still researching it, because they also explain a way to create your own text or image widget. I'll let everyone know if it works.

  • While they work on this, create an invite-only group. Groups have embed widgets that work nicely on WordPress. I'm currently doing this and haven't had any issues. It shows the last 5 activities. It's not exactly what we might want, but it's something for now.

  • I would like to share for example club total summary and not just the latest. Possible? How to do that?

  • I second the enhancement to allow both rides and runs in a single widget.

  • Darrin, thanks for offering some advice. I am a little confused, all you are saying is to add it to a page (via html) ? Those on a .com and not a .org like myself will still have the same problem as it strips out the iframe. If there are any other suggestions or a strava fix, would love to hear. Thanks

  • I just noticed that my strava widget don't work anymore. It should show my last run but it's my last ride that is listed. In my profil, running is my favorite activity. The problem begin 1-2 week ago

  • Are they any knews on Strava or alternatives for Please any support would be appreciated

  • I want to do the same with my club if you manage to do so, you indicate me as:

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