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Open is a mindfulness studio designing a new way to practice wellbeing, together. Connect the Open app to Strava to share media or create a new activity from classes recorded with the Open app to any Strava activities already synced to your account. This will append media to existing Strava activities, even those not recorded on Open, to provide a more holistic view of all the activities you complete in your training. 

Connecting to Strava: 

    1. Create or log in to your Open account.
    2. Go to your profile.
    3. Tap the three dots to open your settings. 
    4. Toggle on the Connect Strava option.
    5. You will be directed to a Connect to Strava page where you can authorize the connection between Strava and Open. 

You can also connect to Strava after you complete a class on Open by tapping the Strava icon on the share screen. You will be directed to the Connect page and once you complete the authorization with Strava you will be directed back to the sharing options. You can either create a new Strava activity with the Open data and media OR select from your last 5 activities to add the media to.

Sharing Open classes to Strava: 

    1. Complete a class on Open.
    2. Once the activity ends you will see a post-class view where you can tap Share. Select the Strava icon on the next page. If the class has multiple media assests, swipe to select the one you wish to share before tapping the Strava icon. 
    3. You can select any of your last 5 Strava activities to include the Open media alongside that activity OR “Create a new Strava activity” to sync a new workout to your Strava account with the data and selected media from your class. 

Disconnect Open and Strava from the web: 

From Open:

    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Tap the three dots to open your settings.
    3. Toggle off Connect to Strava.

From Strava:

    1. Log into your account on the Strava website.
    2. Hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Settings from the dropdown menu.
    3. Open My Apps from the menu on the left-hand side.
    4. Click the Revoke Access button next to the Open app to disconnect your account from Open automatically.
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