Reporting Unwanted Contact to the Strava Trust & Safety Team

We take the safety, security, and well-being of our athletes seriously. Being part of the Strava community is a commitment to respect: we respect each other, ourselves, and the rules. When we all share mutual respect, we all win. This expectation is set out in our Community Standards.

There might be instances where you need to inform us about an athlete or a situation that falls below the high standards we have placed on our community. We encourage you to report these incidents to us so we can investigate confidentially.

How can I prevent unwanted interactions?

We encourage you to take time to review your account settings and learn more about the different options we provide to athletes to control their experience. Here are a few places where you can start:

    • Understand our Privacy controls, especially the difference between Activity-level and Profile-level settings, which you can adjust separately. This will determine where your profile and activities will appear on Strava, who may see them, etc.
      • If you have set your activity privacy to ‘Everyone,’ this article will help you navigate where the data appears on Strava.
    • Read this comprehensive Privacy FAQ, which covers common past questions we have received from athletes. 
    • Our Edit Map Visibility feature is a good way to hide important addresses or places that may appear in your activities.
    • Learn about how to manage your followers, including what happens when you block an athlete.
    • Make use of our Mute Activity feature, which allows you to control which of your activities appear on home and club feeds.
    • If you are a club member, make sure you understand how your activities may show up on a club feed and leaderboard. 
    • Understand our Leaderboard Guidelines, which should prevent your activities from being flagged for not adhering to our community-wide expectations.

This list is not exhaustive, but we encourage you to periodically check your settings across Strava to ensure they represent your intended experience. 

What should I do if I encounter a situation that I need to report? 

If you believe you have received unwanted contact from another athlete on Strava, you can report this situation using our reporting tools. You can contact us directly and/or you can review our Reporting Content on Strava Help Center article that will give you details on how to report things depending on what you might need to report. Here are some tips on how you can help us if you need to contact us directly:

    • Document the situation. It is important to have as much detailed information as possible so we can investigate what is happening in-depth. 
    • Send us links. Profile links, activity links, segment links, or any links that you might think are important for the investigation.
    • Take screenshots if you can. Images are helpful as they show us what you can see at that moment.

We also encourage you to use our blocking tool (see above) to prevent further contact. 

If at any instance you feel in immediate danger, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement authorities to seek their assistance. 

What happens after I make my report?

Our Trust & Safety team will review each of these reports carefully and take appropriate action based on the results of our investigation. We may suspend, delete, or hide content violating our Terms and Community Standards and take action on the violating athletes.

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