Strava Premium Features and Pricing

Strava Premium gives you more features to make the most out of your Sport


Personalized Coaching

  • Custom Goals: Set goals for segments, cycling power, personal time or distance. Weekly and Yearly Progress Goals help you stay motivated and keep your training on track
  • Training Videos: Training videos for running, and indoor cycling videos from CTS 
  • Training Plans: For running and cycling to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Fitness & FreshnessHelps you track levels of fitness, freshness, and fatigue over time

Live Feedback

  • Beacon: Live location tracking for safer activities for athletes, and peace of mind for their friends and family. Beacon is available on the iOS and Android app, as well as selected Garmin devices
  • Live Performance Data and Metrics: Speed, distance, time, and data from your connected devices, in real time, on your mobile device
  • Live Segments: Your segment performance in real time, plus comparisons to your PR and the current KOM/QOM/CR. Live Segments are available on iOS, Android, and select Garmin devices
  • Active Friends: Know which of your friends are out running or riding
  • Premium Support: Expedited Support for our Premium members

Advanced Analysis

  • Suffer Score: Strava analyzes your heart rate data to quantify how hard you're working and help you train smarter. The longer you go and the more you work, the higher your Suffer Score
  • Filtered Leaderboards: Filter segment leaderboards by age, weight, gender, date, and more. You can also compare efforts on segments
  • Power meter Analysis: Utilize your power meter to analyze your activity and view training load, intensity, and more
  • Running Race Analysis: Detailed post-race breakdowns of your pace fluctuation and splits 
  • Running Workout Analysis: Visualize your pace zones and lap data for all your workouts
  • Personal Heatmaps: Unique visualizations of all of the places you've run or ridden
  • GPX Download: Download GPX files of activities to create custom maps and routes for your GPS
  • Trophy Case: Your trophy case proudly displays your hard-earned Challenge achievement badges
  • Workout Analysis: Visualize your pace zones and lap data for all your workouts on the iOS and Android app


Strava has three pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Free plan which enables unlimited uploads, and many of the features that make Strava fantastic
  • A monthly Premium subscription (Price varies per country: $7.99, €7.99, £5.99, etc.)
  • An annual Premium subscription - Saves you about 38% compared to the monthly cost! (Price varies per country: $59, €59, £44.99, etc.)

For more information about how much premium costs, visit any Premium page.

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